For those wondering where Yuru-tans been and why she deleted EVERYFUCKINGTHING, shes a female pro-wrestler now… intent on using her new platform to respark the gyaru boom. Ladies and gents, the Sifow of this generation. Yurutan, now known as Kotabuki Yuri.


wait that is actually the coolest thing ever

just gonna disappear for a while only to return as a trendy pro wrestler

just gonna flip some girls and break some necks all while wearing alba rosa hot pants


Ex. egg model/ Ex. 小悪魔ageha mode Shizuka Muto (武藤静香) 
Shizuka left egg around 2004- 2006 and started modeling for 小悪魔ageha and had become #1. Shizuka still models for 小悪魔ageha and has her own clothing line called RADY. 

Hamilton, ON Gyaru meetup
Saturday July 12th! ♥

Calling all gyaru in and around the Hamilton area~! Come out for a Day of fun with Toronto’s GALUXURY gyarusa!!

Don’t be shy, bring a friend If you want. We welcome those that are new and just getting into the style~!

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